Fluorescent Psychedelia

Mostly inspired by the book “The Principia Discordia” and the whole thought processes according to beliefs and multi-cultural imputs experienced through traveling and learning to become the manifest being that is this current incarnation. Lots of time, meticulous detail goes into each painting using quality fluorescent acrylic paints mixed with fabric medium for applying to clothes....anything and everything is possible while working mostly with stencils, pencils, and carbon paper to transfer images to paint over...every work is its unique creation...labcoats could take anywhere from 3 months for a small to 8 months for an XL...each day I like to post my progress on the current project with a sample of the inspiring sound guiding my brush...

ZauberLicht Gear: Handpainted, psychedelic, UV reactive, glow -in-the-dark clothing custom made..

Prices based on size of article and amount of detail

Down payments would be preferred